Quality & Environment

Quality and finishes that clients trust.
We realize the demands of the times.

We are hard at work everyday to develop a system that allows for the stable supply of high-quality products.
In order to meet diverse customer needs, we have focused on enhancing our product development, printing and
processing technologies, and inspection equipment.

We will continue pursue stable quality and continual improvements, in both hardware and software, as we aim to create a
reliable and high quality surface.

In reducing the use of environment-related substances and conserving resources, we aim to contribute to the formation of
a sustainable society by maximizing energy efficiency.

Product Quality Policy


All staff contribute to society by making constant improvements to their work in order to meet clients' quality requirements. This enables us to gain the trust of clients and grow together.


  • We consider maintaining and improving quality our foremost task, and our whole company comes together to achieve this.
  • Each department sets its own quality targets and makes ongoing improvement efforts.
  • Seeking to eliminate waste and unnecessary processes in our work, we set and adhere to working standards, reviewing them periodically.
  • We conduct quality improvement training to raise awareness about quality among our staff.
  • This policy is in writing and all personnel are made aware of it.

Environmental Policy


Recognizing that conservation of the global environment is the most important issue for humanity in the 21st century, we are committed to ensuring that we do not waste valuable resources, time, and effort. By focusing on the fundamental root of the problem and taking appropriate action, we will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society for future generations.


  • Through our business activities, we endeavor to reduce waste and use of environment-related substances, conserve resources, and maintain and improve the environment.
  • We conduct environmental conservation in compliance with laws, regulations, customer requirements, and other standards.
  • We set goals in line with our business activities and come together as a team to make continuous improvements.
  • Seeking to improve the global environment, we conduct periodic audits and strive to establish a management system that prevents problems associated with environmentally harmful substances.
  • This policy is in writing and all personnel are made aware of it.