We raise our developmental and technical capabilities to bring your ideas to life. We are expanding into other fields in addition to plastics.
At Royal Industry,
we have pursued printing on plastics, starting with manufacturing playing cards.

We believe that it is essential to continue to hone the developmental and technical skills that shape our ideas.
This enables us to not only print on flat substrates and diversely shaped plastics,
but also utilize various decorative printing and finishing techniques.
We go beyond just selling products as-is - we work closely with the client to create bespoke solutions.

We excel at transfer film printing,
but we draw on expertise and a network of talent cultivated over years
to offer a wide range of other decorative techniques.

We are also planning to expand to decorative printing on glass and metals.

Decorating with printing technology is an effective way to reduce the environmental burden
and maximize energy efficiency.

As a company that works together with clients to create,
we at Royal Industry all come together with a spirit of curiosity.

Management Philosophy

We will work to create lives that are fulfilling both physically and mentally.

We will do our utmost to support the requests of customers regarding
the addition of decorations or functions on product surfaces.

Royal Industry Co.,Ltd.
CEO Kohei Fujimoto

Kohei Fujimoto