Our Facilities

We have introduced cutting edge facilities.
This is the backbone to our process, and allows our solutions to continuously evolve.

What is presently required from ROYAL INDUSTRY is not only improvement in technology but also the realization on higher product precision and quality. In order to respond positively to the diversified needs of customers and increase the mass productivity of the company, ROYAL INDUSTRY introduces a variety of facilities and promotes technical innovation.

Printing Facilities

Photogravure rotary press

Feature /performance
  • 1)Accommodates large print lots.
  • 2)Achieve rich variety in shades and colors.
2 (10-color machine)
Production speed
Registration accuracy
Paper feed width
500mm - 800mm

Silk rotary press

Feature /performance
  • 1)Ideal for sharp, clear lines.
  • 2)Excels at creating concealed colors.
  • 3)Allows for using ink with large particles.
4(2,3,4-color machine)
Production speed
2- 7m/min
Registration accuracy
±0.4mm(partially 0.3mm)
Paper feed width
500mm - 660mm

Coating printing press

Feature /performance
  • 1)Creates a smooth printed layer.
  • 2)The thickness of this layer can be calibrated.
4 (Couple of small diameter gravure)
Production speed
10 - 35m/min
Paper feed width
500mm - 800mm
  • Gravure 8-color proofing machine1
  • Offset sheet-feed press1
  • Rotary ink jet press3
  • Photogravure sheet-feed press2

Processing Facilities

  • Printed Web Inspection System1
  • Inspection machine for all types of sheet7
  • Single-sheet inspection machine11
  • Slitter4
  • Winder1
  • Soft vinyl laminating machine3
  • Melamine impregnation machine1
  • Punching machine4
  • Cutting machine2