Work Flow

  1. 01


    We have thorough discussions with the client in advance, in order to understand their needs. We also offer tours of our printing facilities on request.

  2. 02


    We of course excel at transfer printing on film for decorative plastic products, but, in other techniques are more suitable, we have an extensive network of contacts.

  3. 03

    Planning &

    After establishing a plan and the equipment to use, we accept the order, then design the film and make tests before finalizing the plates.

    • Film
      Design & Testing
  4. 04


    We reformulate the film surface and apply preprocessing treatments before moving onto the printing phase.

    • Plate
      Design & Calibration
  5. 05


    Prior to color printing, the surface of the film is reformulated and the ink layer, which becomes a protective layer for the product post-transfer, is printed with a coating.

    • Small
      Gravure Coater
    • Gravure Coater
  6. 06


    Our emphasis in printing is creating an attractive appearance and color. We maintain a fleet of presses, including gravure and silkscreen rotary presses, and sheetfed offset presses.

    • Photogravure
      rotary press
    • Silk
      rotary press
    • Rotary
      Ink Jet Press
    • Rotary
      Ink Jet Press
  7. 07

    Final finish

    Inspecting the functionality and appearance of the finished product lets us maintain quality assurance as we move onto the finishing stages.

    • Inspection System
    • Printed Web
      Inspection System
    • Slitter
    • Transfer machine