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Rotart Print

(photogravure/silk print/Coating printing)

This printing method entails printing while winding material into a roll.
This is used for projects that require in roll-shape.

(photogravure/silk print/Coating printing)

  • Heat Transfer Film
    Transfer processing is a method of decorative printing performed by applying heat and pressure through a high-temperature rubber roll to a film to transfer the printed graphics on the film to the surface of a mold product.
  • In-Mold Transfer Film
    Injection molding is used simultaneously with the application of heat and pressure to the resin to transfer an image printed on an in-mold film to the surface of a product.
  • Insert Film
    This technique allows for decoratively fusing an image onto resin molded (injection, blown) products. The film is removed from the shape and placed into a mold, then fused through the application of heat and pressure on the resin.
  • Vacuum Transfer Film
    This allows for decorating shapes that cannot be treated using heat transfer or in-mold transfer. The film is placed under a vacuum (decompression) along a three-dimensional substrate, and the functional film or pattern is transferred using the difference in atmospheric pressure or heated compressed air.

Sheet-feed Print


This technique involves printing on pre-cut paper.
We use it to print on soft vinyl and melamine painted foil.


  • Soft Films
    A pattern is printed on Soft Films like vinyl or olefin. Secondary treatment like laminating or welding can be used to decorate pencil cases, pouches, and notebook covers.
  • Decorative Melamin Foil
    This printing paper is used to decorate melamine resin products like dishes. A special printed paper is impregnated with melamine resin, and the layers are fused together when compressing the melamine.


  1. Meeting
    We have thorough discussions with the client in advance, in order to understand their needs. We also offer tours of our printing facilities on request.
  2. Planning& design
    After establishing a plan and the equipment to use, we accept the order, then design the film and make tests before finalizing the plates.
  3. Printing
    We reformulate the film surface and apply preprocessing treatments before moving onto the printing phase.
  4. Finalfinish
    Inspecting the functionality and appearance of the finished product lets us maintain quality assurance as we move onto the finishing stages.
  5. Delivery

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