In-Mold Transfer Film

In-mold transfer film is a new evolution and development in transfer film. A printed film is fed into a mold, with the internal heat and pressure during the process of forming the product used to also transfer the film. This allows for printing on three-dimensional curves and perforated molded products, and on slightly uneven surfaces, something previously impossible.



  1. We are equipped to flexibly support a wide range of materials.
  2. Raises the added value of products by combining with functional materials,such as hard coatings.
  3. Ensures a reduction in cost with the simplification of production processes enabled.
  4. Saves energy and space that will lead to improvement in the work environment.
  5. Allows the highly precise positioning of graphics printedon mold products.
  6. We are equipped to flexibly support a wide range of materials.

Main examples of use of in-mold transfer film

  • Telecommunications

    • Mobile Devices
  • Vehicles

    • Fan belts
    • Indicator
  • Home appliances

    • Refrigerators
    • lamps
    • Control panels
  • Everyday items

    • Arcade game components

Technology Overview

Film feeding and positioning

Film is fed into the mold by a foil feeder. Cameras and sensors are used to determine position.

film fixing and clamping

Clamps and suction fix the film in place and hold the mold shut.

injection molding(transfer)

The printed layer on the film is transferred to the product being molded by means of heat and pressure generated from injected resin.

Opening the die removing the molded article

The PET film peels off when the die is opened, and the finished product is removed manually or automatically.

Stain resistant hard coating

A new feature that makes the removal of dirt easier has been added to the in-mold hard coating. In this test, a permanent marker is used to best illustrate the effectiveness of the stain resistant technology, which also makes wiping away fingerprints and the like extremely easy. Even after repeated wiping, the coating's stain resistant properties will not deteriorate.

Regular hard coating

Stain resistant hard coating

  • Ink wipes off easily.
  • Coating resists the permanent marker.

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