Insert Film

Insert Film is a method of printing graphics to a film that has an affinity to the materials of a product to be molded, putting the film on the mold, and transferring the film together with the graphics to the surface of the product at the time of molding. This method was developed as a simple way of decorating injection mold products. With the spread of the use of plastic products, the number of applications of this method increased. Presently, the method is available to blow molding products, such as cosmetic and chemical containers, as well as home electronics parts and automobile-related parts.


  1. Stamps out printing films and integrates them with mold products (resin) in molding machines.
  2. Films cover the surface of ink, thus excelling in durability and ensuring sanitary printing.
  3. Ideal for printing on children’s tableware and business-use lunchboxes.
  4. Uses conventional equipment and prints graphics.

Main examples of use of Insert film

  • Everyday items

    • Trays
    • wash basins
    • Commercial bento boxes
    • Sewing boxes
    • Baby tableware
  • Other

    • Disinfectant bottles
  • Gravure 10-color rotary press
  • Multi-color rotary press

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