Decorative Melamin Foil

A decorative melamine foil, used for graphic printing on melamine-made tableware and trays, is made of special transfer paper soaked with melamine resin. Melamine products feel like pottery, but are tough and easy to use. Therefore, they are used in a variety of applications including business-use tableware for sushi-go-round restaurants and home-and school lunch-use tableware.


  1. Ease of graphic printing on thermosetting resin, which is generally considered difficult in other methods.
  2. Excellent durability is ensured by the method of printing on paper to be soaked with melamine and integrated with mold products.
  3. Integrated printing from plate making to soaking processing in response to customer’s needs.
  4. High-grade type foils are available for boiling sterilization.

Main examples of use of Soft film

  • Everyday items

    • Tableware (dishes, cups, small bowls, etc.), Trays, Coasters
  • Rotary ink jet press
  • Offset sheet-feed press

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