Soft Films

We can print directly on vinyl, olefin, and other sheet materials, as well as perform secondary processing, such as lamination, to alter the material. This technique is used in pencil cases, cosmetic pouches, and passbook covers.


  1. Beautiful photographic offset printing is possible on vinyl and olefin sheets.
  2. Films cover the surface of ink,thus excelling in durability and ensuring sanitary printing.
  3. Ideal for printing on children’s tableware and business-use lunchboxes.
  4. Applications in a wide variety are available by changing lamination materials.

Main examples of use of Soft film

  • Everyday items

    • Attendance notebook covers
    • Passbook covers
    • Pass cases
    • Pouches
  • Stationery & toys

    • Pencil cases
    • Notebooks
  • Promotional Products

  • Rotogravure printing

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