Vacuum Transfer Film

Deep drawn and complex 3D shapes that do not respond to heat transfer or in-mold printing can be handled using a vacuum (decompression) technique to adhere the film on the material, imparting functional layers or images when the seal is opened and pressure differentials and heated pressure are created. Unlike painting, this allows for transferring functional layers such as hard coating, even in a dry environment.


  1. We pursue improvements to the work environment and productivity through the process of decorating complex shapes.
  2. We can offer outstanding print reproduction for both gravure and silkscreen.
  3. We can apply hard coatings and work with materials other than plastics.

Main examples of use of Vacuum film

  • Telecommunications

    • Mobile devices
  • Vehicles

    • Interior panels
  • Home appliances

    • Casing of appliances
    • Control panels

Transfer process outline

Transfer process outline

Creating a vacuum in the inner tank

Open the upper tank to the air

  • Lifting the jig and base
  • Wraps around to the bottom of the product

Film peeling

  • Product decoration without trimming also possible

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