Our mission

Giving shape to your ideas

Over the years, the needs of our customers have diversified, and the products we offer have also become more diverse. As our clients’ needs grow more complex and advanced, we have been working to improve and develop our own unique technology. Since our founding, our focus on realizing clients’ projects remains unchanged. We will continue striving to be a key asset our client can depend on.

High reproducibility

Seeking to offer high quality products in an even more stable format, we not only research new solutions, but also have in place a reliable quality control system that spans from manufacturing through to inspection and final delivery. Manufacturing requires precise technical specifications and consistent accuracy. To meet clients’ quality standards, we use an inspection system that uses both examination by machine and by the human eye. We will continuously endeavor to level up and stabilize our operations, in both the tangible and intangible aspects. We are aiming for an even more reliable quality in the future.

Flexible lot support

Plastics have allowed for mass production and mass consumption and are easy to manufacture, but are also lacking in luxury and durability. By imparting design and new functionality like added durability to plastics, we enhance their commercial value and bring new benefits. In order to achieve a sustainable society, we can be flexible regarding production output. Please do not hesitate to contact us.



  1. Meeting
    We have thorough discussions with the client in advance, in order to understand their needs. We also offer tours of our printing facilities on request.
  2. Planning& design
    After establishing a plan and the equipment to use, we accept the order, then design the film and make tests before finalizing the plates.
  3. Printing
    We reformulate the film surface and apply preprocessing treatments before moving onto the printing phase.
  4. Finalfinish
    Inspecting the functionality and appearance of the finished product lets us maintain quality assurance as we move onto the finishing stages.
  5. Delivery

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